display picture or profile picture

Display Picture or Profile picture

DP or profile picture

         Display picture or profile picture.. Now a day’s all over the world everyone having cell phones, tabs, and laptops it means all using social media like Facebook, what’s app, Google+ etc. So all we knows what’s meaning of display picture or Profile picture.

Here I tried to write few lines about it hope you like.

Before I read on facebook profile picture represents character of that person but dear friends do you think it’s true? I think definitely no its not. Then what is DP or Profile picture….

Last week in college canteen two guys were gossiping he said wow nice its good looking picture and it’s better that you are using own picture as your profile picture you are using so that all will know it’s real you. Really the DP or Profile picture shows the reality?

What does it really mean?

It’s a nice photo to say but selected which we like most. Meanwhile there was a post rotating on social media as per that post, those who change their DP daily are playful and whose DP is stable are calm. But still I’m wonder who decided that and on what basis?

But it’s true that generally you see your cool photo again and again? If you like then use it. Sometime we open social media profile of our friends and check their new and old profile pictures. If there is one picture which we like most and think to use it but we don’t use because of others what other will think? Isn’t it. Someone in our friend list uses DP as beautiful pictures like garden or flowers then what words comes wow what a beautiful picture.

What it means Display picture or Profile picture is not only for identification but it’s also for making happy to others who see it.  

So what is wrong with it, by keeping the stylish or beautiful picture on top or keeping the family photo as DP I love my family …. My sweet family…. I m happy…

Someone is nice looking at your photo and tells you its nice DP, it gives smiles on the cheeks and you seeing your DP again and again.

display picture or profile picture

              The new generation is really excited about this .They get nice photos of parents and use it as display picture or profile picture. The boys are passionate about the world. I feel appreciated for them. If some people like to oppose a photo of someone, they will be able to express their admiration. Some people would not have a big desire to appreciate the good things. They just got frustrated by seeing the photos of others And sometimes DP shows anger, love, delusion, reconciliation, wisdom, and feelings of extreme hype.

Some people will keep names on one side but keep an eye on a changed display picture or profile picture of others. Sometimes at the evening, after office work friend’s gathers to chat with the cup of tea. Someone says, is that she your friend office, I seen her profile picture she looks awesome. That is what she is and she is … I say … what you want to do … do not let anyone like you do it!

It’s a simple thing … Now every media has privacy settings. And all the users use it. Since you see a DP of mate in your office, the woman does not understand you well; otherwise you would have been out of her contact list. And you just talk about that. Do you respect the woman that is at your home? That is why women of your own house are thinking of thinking and thinking.

It is acceptable to think of difference in the thinking of the child. Now, I would like to say that … Now look at the DP as a means to become a manifesto…. If you do not have a deliberate mind, but if you have a mindless mind, then take pleasure in this man as a man.

So change display picture or profile picture whenever possible from today and enjoy it because I think the DP or profile picture is the symbol of living. It is the symbol of being you. And most importantly, you have the eternal promise of happiness in your life.

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