Teacher and his importance

Teacher and his importance

             Teacher and his importance in everyone’s life can be understood from the following success story of a teacher and his student. Teacher and his importance It’s a live example of what’s teacher and it’s long life work and help how makes others life success is shown in this story so please read it till end also please share if you like the story Teacher and his importance

importance of teacher
At corner side of the market a guy name Ramu doing his regular basis work with boots and sandals. While working he heard someone’s voice asking him can you please make the belt of my sandals, please. Ramu identified a person standing front of him and asked “Are you my teacher Patil sir” then that white dressed man replied “yes I’m”.”Sir, I’m Ramu I was your student you tough me Science and Mathematics.”
Sir asked him while observing him because he doing his work with concentration “Yes but why you working here. Most of my students are working in multinational companies. Some of them are officers in government departments then why you are here.”
Ramu answered “Sir this is our ancestral business Grandfather. And my father both did the same business.
When I passed my matriculation my father not feeling well. So he stopped working obviously no money for his medicine and hospital bills. Also foods unavailable at home, already my mother died a few years ago. So no one in my house to work for us and survive. I have one brother and a sister. I left my further education and I started to do my ancestral work.
Sir felt so sad and asked him again “How’s your father now ?”
Ramu replied “No sir my father is no more his liver got damage because of drinking liquor. I’m working for my brother and sister.”
With teary eyes, Patil sir opened his wallet and giving him money for his work. But Ramu denying to accept money then sir put money forcefully in his drawer. And saying “my child it’s for your hard work and I will back to you soon.”  He turned back and started walking on his way to home. That’s it Teacher and his importance
Teacher and his importance
 After a week Teacher back to him and asked “Ramu do you know how to make leather shoes of my size.”
“Yes, sir surely I will make it for you. And sir you will be surprised that it will awesome for you. it’s my luck sir that I will make for you my inspiration of my life.” Ramu proudly answered. Patil sir gave him a note of 500 rupees and gone. Ramu was so happy because the first time he touches 500 rupees note. Next week his teacher back with his friends and they also decided to make boots and sandals from Ramu. After that Ramu started hardworking honestly and giving more concentration to his work. Also, Patil Sir sending many customers daily so Ramu was so busy in making new sandals and shoes. One day Patil sir visited to see hows his work going on. Ramu does not forget to give thanks but sir said: “its credit goes to your talent, your art, and your hard work.” Ramu replied, “no sir it’s because of you if you not sent customers then how should it possible.”
After some time Patil sir said ” Ramu why don’t you build your own shop here? so your customer doesn’t need to stand on the road and also you can keep many shoes and sandals to show them so they can get a lot of variety.” He said its good idea sir but for shop need a lot of money that I don’t have sir.”
“No problem my child I will give you money so you can purchase things to build a shop for you but at one condition.”
“So nice of you sir but what’s that condition?” Ramu asking. 
Sir replied, “nothing just you have to pay me back after six months.” 
“Yes, I will return you sir within time.”
Ramu replied with a lot of smile and happiness. 
Ramu got ready and within a week his shop got ready and he started working hopefully. In one month he earned more money than sir given to him. When sir back to him he backs money to him but sir returned the money and told him “I had given you money for six months, how can I accept? So use it for increasing your business.”
( that’s why we need good Teacher and his importance )
Now Ramu started hardworking because he got inspired a lot. He tried to keep the best quality and many varieties of shoes and sandals in his shop. He got a lot of new customers because he selling good quality shoe sandals and at low prices. Now his daily sell increased, all this happened coz of Patil sir he not only inspired him but also helped him to do so. ( Teacher and his importance )
After six months Patil sir back to meet him that’s why Ramu saw got so happy and satisfied. ( Teacher and his importance )
Patil sir said, “now I think you need to take new and big shop in the center of a market so you will get more customers and already I had seen shop for you so you just need to shift all things from small shop to bigger one.” And sir gave him one application form for a loan from the government to get a loan for small-scale industry and told him to fill this form I will help you to get that loan.
Ramu got surprised and asked Patil sir what are you telling I can’t do it. Then sir put his hand on Ramu’s shoulder and replied: ” don’t worry you can do all I’m always here for you.” ( Teacher and his importance )
After listening to Patil sir’s words his eyes got teary and he falls on feets of Patil sir And telling sir you are doing so much for me who’s not your son or any relative.” 
Patil sir hugged him and told “Hey crazy guy it’s my duty so don’t think much. My other students doing jobs  abroad in multinational  companies and some of them are officers in government departments only you are here so how I can see you working on the road like the beggar.” ( Teacher and his importance )
Teachers and it's importance in everyone's life
 Two years passed .. in these days Ramu did a lot of progress. Before he living in a normal house in slum area now he has a big house in the rich area. He admitted his brother and sister in good English school. Also, he got married to the daughter of biggest industrialist of the city. On another side, Patil sir retired from his work and his son decided to shift and live in England where he working in the multinational company. Already ( Teacher and his importance ) Patil sirs daughter married with a guy who works in Australia. So she went to Australia and living with husband.
           One day Ramu got news that Patil sirs wife died when he left all works and gone to visit Patil sir with his wife. Patil sir’s son and daughter do not come for the funeral because of their busy schedule and as living so far. Patil sir never felt lonely because of Ramu and his wife both are busy in caring of Patil sir. After week Ramu back to work but he not in a mood to do work because he always thinking about Patil sir as he is alone at home also teacher got old enough. Ramu got so much disturbed from when Patil sir wife died. ( Teacher and his importance )
Teachers and it's importance in everyone's life
One day he at evening he visited teacher house with his wife. The teacher saw him and got so happy.
Ramu asked Patil sir ” you did a lot of favorable things for settling my life and gave me so much support morally and economically. Sir can you help me for once more.” 
“My child you are the great person now, you are biggest and we’ll know industrialist of the city. I don’t think you need any help from me. Anyway, tell me how I can help you.” Patil sir answered him happily.
“Sir can you be my father”. 
Sir got quite taken a long breath and then said: “Crazy guy I considered you as my son from when I saw you working hard  to survive your family.”
“Don’t say no sir if you considered me your son then let me do my duties and obligations as a son. That’s why I come here to take you with me to our home. I wish you live with me and my family all time and it’s my humble request” Ramu telling sir with teary eyes.
Sir replied, ” But do you asked your wife?”
“Sir I’m taken this decision after her advice and she also wishing you live with us. And after my kids also needs grandfather”.
“Listen my son old age is not good if I got sick you need to look after me.”
” If I’m a son then it’s my duty to do all care of you. To do all duties and obligations its work of son. I was calling my father as Anna then I will call you as  Anna.” Sir and Ramu laughing loudly together. 
Teacher and his importance in everyone's life
Then sir said, “I’m ready to accept you as my son but I have one condition”.
“What it is Anna?” Ramu asked 
Sir said there are many Ramu here you  must need to help them with me  to settle their life.”
When Ramu listened him started crying then sir also cried with him for a long time… And started the new life.

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